Spartan Tank Lines Introduces

Neste MY Renewable Diesel

Ultra Pure, Less Polluting, ASTM D975 Diesel

Why make the switch to Neste Renewable Diesel?

• Renewable Diesel (RD) is a Pure Hydrocarbon Motor Fuel Certified  ULSD (CARB) Diesel Fuel #2, Meeting ASTM D-975 specification.

• With a Cetane Number of 75-85 Compared to Conventional Diesel at 45, RD ensures a cleaner, more efficient and complete combustion.

• Smaller Environmental Footprint , with a CI Value of  34 RD reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions up to 80% , in addition to substantial reductions in NOx and tailpipe emissions.

• Lower Maintenance on DPF Filters; producing 30% less particulate matter, RD reduces regen time, down time and operating costs.

• Odorless ,Colorless and Sulphur-free, RD is also oxygen-free, and aromatics-free ... looks water white and clear.

• Superior Cold Weather Performance; suitable for very cold weather conditions. No need for fuel additives.

• Easy Switch; No Additional Investments; fully compatible with conventional diesel, fleets can switch to RD diesel at anytime.

• Endorsed and Approved by the Major OEM’s

Who is Neste?

Neste Corporation is an oil refining and marketing company based in Finland, specializing in premium-quality, lower-emission traffic fuels. Neste is the world's leading producer of renewable diesel with operations in 14 countries employing 5,000 people.

In 2014, the company's net sales stood at EUR 15 billion. Neste's shares are traded on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.
In North America, Neste has two offices located in Houston, Texas USA and Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Neste has selected Spartan Tank Lines Inc. as their Exclusive Distributor Serving 12 Counties of Central and Northern California, including the Bay Area.

Neste's Renewable refinery in the Netherlands